Randsburg - A Note To My Folks (Record Review):

Sunset Beach, CA quintetRandsburg independently released their sophomore album, A Note To My Folks. Chock full of raging guitars, melodic overdrives, and heady “self-deprecating lyrics”, it’s a dozen eclectic tracks of blazing Americana indie folk-rock. Country-tinged sad songs like record closer, “Sweet Angel Morphine” and “Sex With A Prostitute”, to pedal stomped, full throttle fire-starters the likes of “Thundergun” and “Davina”; Randsburg covers whatever you happen to be in the mood for at whatever time.

The brainchild of singer/guitarist Bryce Schlange and brother’s Austin and Wyatt Fullmer (lead guitar and bass) formed in 2010 along with John Gee on drums for their first self-titled album. Having added James Ransom on the keys for A Note To My Folks, the extra layer has paid off in both a record and an infectious live show following on the left coast. How a bunch of sun-drenched California kids nailed a rock album that has more of a country feel than your favorite alt-country band remains to be solved but I like where they’re heading exponentially. A dual guitar attack played loud and proud transfused with some sad songs is a sure fire way to the heart of the ‘ssktda’ family.

Fans of Lucero and Arliss Nancy can assimilate with the sound of Randsburg, save for the gravelly vocals of Ben Nichols and Cory Call, respectively. Schlange’s voice a bit sweeter but lacking none of the attitude and punk rock sensibility. Possessing a powerful prose and a voice built for rock-n-roll, his lyrics all tell a story and act as a nail set, counter sinking introspect as you make a new mental connection with each listen. A must have for any American indie fan, kudos to Randsburg for a more than solid sophomore effort and even more so for doing it themselves. Rock-n-roll will never die…

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(+Words: Scott Zuppardo+)

(As featured at No Depression 4/2/15)