RL Burnside :: Live at Beale Street Music Festival :: Memphis, TN 5/5/96

Simply stated, one of my most favorite guitar players of all time, possibly #1. I stumbled upon RL Burnside at a Black Crowes show in Atlanta, GA around this time and was completely awe struck. An insatiable appetite for North Mississippi Blues had been instantly ascertained. I've traveled a lot of "scenes", been to more underground hip hop shows in NYC than most people have even been to concerts in their lives, spent way too much time at latter day Grateful Dead shows, and definitely too much time at Phish and moe. performances. Had my ear drums pierced at punk and hardcore shows all over the east coast and a smattering of all in between, yet still never as mesmerizing as an RL Burnside show. 

Nothing set that fire quite like Junior Kimbrough, CeDell Davis, Paul "Wine" Jones, Son House, Howlin Wolf, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Sonny "Boy" Williamson...we can do this all day. Paul Jones' Mule which was released in '96 is a daily listen for me even now. This show is top shelf quality from an engineering standpoint and equally abashing in energy. Cinco De Mayo '96, Beale Street Music Festival, Memphis, TN -- Amen, Mr. Burnside.

+Words: Scott Zuppardo+