Jeremiah Tall Premiers "Bleed" Video At No Depression

Local boy (to my location of Alexandria Township, NJ) Jeremiah Tall, hailing from just across the Delaware River in Bucks County, PA, has melded his own brand of folk punk with country-grass hues and an old green suitcase with a hand painted take on the great John Wayne as a kick drum. We’re ecstatic to premier Tall’s video for the song “Bleed” – a true workingman’s diddy highlighting Tall’s banjo barre chords and his distinct howl of a singing voice, a complex marriage of old soul and the ability to command attention that permeates a melody in and of itself. September 18th saw the official release of Tall’s single on 7” vinyl on Randm Records. Starting with his first single “Train” and back with “Bleed”, but we can’t wait to hear more. It’s also a rare deal that we find an artist that threads our way and crosses our very same musical creeks and valleys. Get us a full length, Jeremiah, we need more. For now please enjoy the video premier of “Bleed”. (+words by scott zuppardo+)

*Originally published at No Depression 9/24/15*